• July 1, 2019

    Opinion, Knowledge and Truth: knowing to transform. 05 – 26 October 2019

    Opinion, Knowledge and Truth: knowing to transform

    Gallery 12.0 Contemporary, Islamabad
    05.10.2019– 26.10.2019          

    The exhibition  focuses the questions through epistemological inquiry of opinion – what is an opinion and how opinion are formed. Questions of knowing – how knowledge is defined and is embedded in practice (with a focus on artistic practice). How knowledge is created and shared, and what is the form of knowledge that is considered the truth. What is the relationship and difference between opinion, knowledge and the truth?

    Artists address these questions, through their reflection and understanding to find answers in form of epistemic artwork – concerned with the concept that contain higher understanding of the world i.e, knowledge.

    Please contact us for further details and inquiry by email: info@12contemporary.com