Artist in Residence

  • December 10, 2019

    Artist in Residence – 2020

    Human and non-human agency in relation to nature and ecology

    Second residency of Project12.0 takes place in February-March 2020 for four weeks in Islamabad. The residency aims to focus themes around human and non-human agency in relation to nature and ecology. Human agency is derived from personal choices and decision making processes in daily life, whereas non-human system forming entities like plants, animals, minerals, climate materials, ideas and concepts are categorized as non-human agency. By virtue of these agencies the relationship of entities within a social/ecological system become meaningful. It influence broader social, ecological relations and structures responsible for action and change in ecological systems and processes (Dwiartama, 2014).

    12.0 Contemporary facilitate opportunities for the resident artists to interact with local artists, networks and resources to further explore their creative process encompassing the theme of the project, during the residency period.

    Outcomes of the Residency
    Resident artists develop production of work as outcome of residency and present the results with the local community in form of an exhibition. That is believed to help developing our understandings of human-environment relationship, questioning the role of human and non-human agency in relation to nature and ecology. Resident artists have open days for public – fellow artists, scholars and professionals to provide talks about their practice (production process, methodology, research, techniques etc).

    About Project12.0
    Project12.0 is a part of 12.0 Contemporary that is artists led platform in Islamabad. It offers a conducive environment for artistic and cultural exchange in Pakistan. It is a platform for a group mind to develop experimental, interdisciplinary and collaborative creative practices through it’s around the year artist in residence program with a focus on artistic development, research based and thematic residencies.

    Accommodation Information
    Selected artists are provided with free accommodation in a shared apartment equipped with centrally heating and cooling system.
    Apartments are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchen, linen and laundry facility
    Reading room/ Tv lounge
    Wi-Fi , in house Printer, Multimedia, fax machine and photocopier
    Cleaning Service
    Free Pick and drop from Islamabad International Airport

    Studio Information
    AiR program covers the cost of studio space of 85m, shared with other artists during the residency period. All technical equipment or supplies must be provided/brought by the resident.
    Team 12.0 Contemporary will provide assistance and knowledge of local art scene, institutions, events, useful places to international artists.

    No of Resident Artists
    Duration of Residency Period
    Four weeks, from 15 February – to – 15 March 2020

    Application Closed

    12, Hospital Blvd, Sector A, DHA Phase II
    G.T. Road, Islamabad, 44000. Pakistan
    Phone: +92 51 491 81 05
    Mobile: +92 315 5393342