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  • 05.10.2019 - 26.10.2019
    Curated by 12.0 Contemporary

    Opinion, Knowledge and Truth: knowing to transform


    Upcoming Exhibition: Opinion, Knowledge and Truth: knowing to transform
    Gallery 12.0 Contemporary, Islamabad
    05.10.2019 – 26.10.2019          

    “The first step toward Knowledge is to know that we are Ignorant” [1]. Richard Cecil

    The study of knowledge is one of the most fundamental aspects of philosophical inquiry in any field. In the first serious writing on art during the warfare between philosophy and art, in the book ten of the Republic, the portrait of Aristophanes was placed alongside the portrait of the philosopher-Socrates. it was the result of epistemic aspirations of Plato’s skepticism to expose arts that shaped the subsequent philosophy [2], Plato referred art as the product of imagination, related to the contexts classified as things that are mere doxasta i. e. merely objects of doxa- incapable of becoming objects of genuine knowledge, and on the other hand, knowledge (episteme) a result of interaction with the reality. Aristotle’s response to the Plato’s skepticism and to the problem in the Poetics articulated that art carries cognitive value that offers insight (nous) understanding and knowledge (episteme) to a problem. Art theorists and philosophers widely agree to this notion that without knowledge and its inquiry in art, artistic practice cannot be substantial. Without various forms of art and their practice, individuals in a society remains less informed about the world around them. In such social conditions there is a great need of epistemology of art- a theory of knowing about the world through art and knowing about art from art itself [3]

    12.0 Contemporary is a platform for artistic activities that strive for knowledge production in the field of art. 12.0 Contemporary will exhibit its  project titled Opinion, Knowledge and Truth: Knowing to transform that aims to bring together theory and practice with knowledge as its principal focus. the exhibition attempts to address philosophical and epistemological inquiry into arts/aesthetics and its practice in relation to opinion, knowledge and truth.  in order to present knowledge of arts from artistic practice – a form of socially constructed knowledge as a learning process aiming for progress and social development.

    “When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense” – Khalil Gibran

    This famous saying of Khalil Gibran fits to the conditions of 21st century where humanity is living in the age of knowledge economy – already living in the age of knowing, which is about to be over and replaced by the age of understanding. The exhibition Opinion, Knowledge and Truth: Knowing to transform in particular aims to develop individual and collective ability to tackle the knowledge about and through art – as a way of seeing trends developing in the field of artistic practice today. This understanding enable artists and viewers to describe and analyze knowledge about art and from art through meaning of these concepts as epistemic terms. In the field of art and aesthetics, artists are source of knowledge productions /creation that is disseminated and shared through their works [4].

    The exhibition project focuses the questions through epistemological inquiry of opinion – what is an opinion and how opinion are formed. Questions of knowing – how knowledge is defined and is embedded in practice (with a focus on artistic practice). How knowledge is created and shared, and what is the form of knowledge that is considered the truth. What is the relationship and difference between opinion, knowledge and the truth?

    Artists are expected to address these questions, through their reflection and understanding to find answers in form of epistemic artwork – concerned with the concept that contain higher understanding of the world i.e, knowledge [5].

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