• Momina Muhammad

    Artists Biography

    Momina acquired BFA degree from National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore with the award of Honours. Residing in Lahore, she works as a professional miniature painter and an art educationalist at Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD). Apart from exhibiting her work in Pakistan, Momina has also exhibited in London (A/Political), Milan (Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art), Iran (Qasr Garden Museum), India (Amazon India Fashion Week), Indonesia, Colombo, Kabul, Paris and Dubai. She was shortlisted for the Artraker Award in 2014 and recently completed an artists’ residency program at Camden Arts Centre & the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.

    Momina’s work initially evolved around the psychological theory of cognitive dissonance which led her to work miniature on bones in a manner which depicted a subtle coalition of beauty and ugliness as a salient feature of her work; presenting all that she contains in response to the happenings and experiences of the mortal world. In her recent work at the Slade, the process of gathering, sorting and inscribing bones similarly offers a microcosmic glimpse of much larger picture; relating it to the fact that how our composure is consistent during times of turmoil. Adjusting focus, we are drawn in to see subtle possibilities in what might otherwise be overlooked.

    Calcified circadian rhythms. One fleeting cycle momentarily intercepting another. We are standing on the surface of a turning globe, standing still to watch a spinning bone – a zone for considering what carries on beyond the mortal realm.



    Momina Muhammad

    Still composing the narrative within 01

    Momina Muhammad

    Still composing the narrative within 02